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A balanced state! That is our aim.  A flexible and strong body, action combined with stillness, a calm mind and a big heart.


If you are drawn to constantly being in action (in your mind or body), we will work on finding stillness.

When you are currently stuck and not inclined to move (in your body and mind), we will gently unlock you to get into action.

Are you lost on how or where to start with yoga? Do you want to take your yoga practice a step further? Do you have a daily workout routine, and want to add yoga to your program?

It doesn't matter at what stage you are in your journey.

We will use a free intake session to tailor your program, exploring some of these elements. 

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Hatha | Vinyasa Yoga

Use your body to move in the physical yoga poses. Because of my ballet background I will keep a close eye on correct alignment within your own range of movement. Still, most importantly, we will try to get you to feel and get you in a natural flow.

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Restorative Yoga

I have to admit that it took me some time to discover my soft | Yin side, and now I am all hooked.  I love to start these sessions by shaking out all the tension to then fall into soft supported restorative poses. I look forward to getting you to dance into stillness.

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Become aware and learn to control your breath.

Breathing is a natural thing to do.

Awareness of your breath is a first step to take.  Controlling your breath is a second and very powerful step.

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"A balanced life leads to perfect health", Deepak Chopra. 

Together we can discover the Ayurveda body types. It will give you insights in your basic constitution. And it can guide you in your daily routine for diet and exercise.

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Sage Patanjali said: "Yoga critta vrttinirodhah" or "Yoga quiets the fluctuations of the mind"

I will guide you in your meditations to increase peace of mind and focus.

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I dislike singing, yet I love chanting. Experience how sound & your voice influence your vital energy. We chant Sanskrit mantras for energetic effects.


It all starts with awareness. Bring ease and mobility to your body through a pose and a thought.

And together we will aim for balance & flow. Find new strength and flexibility in your body and clarity in your mind. Embark on a never-ending path of self discovery and growth.

The road of yoga is endless. These are the first steps to take:

step 1 -  Come for a free private in-take class

step 2 -  Join a small-group class, or define a personal program

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