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Yoga for the

Connect with your Body, Mind & Soul to release stress

JUST MOVE..  we start with a qigong warm-up to release tension and blockages in our body and mind, and to let go of the grip on life. We take the energy away from our thinking mind and bring it into our body. We use our body as a tool by making simple movements to free up our mind.

JUST BREATHE..  in all the exercises we use our breath. You are invited to take big sigh breaths, relaxing yawns, or releasing sounds during our qigong routine. We move on the rhythm of our breath on simple Vinyasa movements. We restore with a sigh breath and cellular breathing in restorative poses.

JUST REST..  we end our sessions in a restorative resting pose. By the end of the class, you have softened your thinking mind and you can connect with your body to rest and restore. 

JUST FOLLOW..  there is no language barrier in this class. It is part of my joy to be in an environment where I do not understand the spoken language. I guide the classes in English, yet if you do not master English, you just follow me and the other students in our movements. We create a warm and safe environment from the heart.


"I felt as if I have been breathing under water through a snorkelling pipe. Now I feel I can freely breathe again"


“The tears I cried in your class, were tears of liberation."


" For me your sessions were incredible moments to be free and feel in unity with my body, physically and mentally. I also felt the energy of love from you and it healed me and gave me the energy to live on. Thank you."

Join us !

Thursdays, 11:00-12:30

Ananda Yoga

Boomberglaan 18


advanced small group class
Mondays, 9:30-11:00

House of Vitality

Melkpad 2


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