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Yoga is a journey! Here is a short story on my journey:

I started my yoga story while reorienting myself in China. Before we moved to China, I was combining an exciting consulting job with raising three children in Antwerp. Living in China offered me a new canvas.  I embarked on our Chinese adventure by studying Mandarin at university & launching a company on the Air Pollution topic. At the same time I was taking yoga classes. I had a hard time finding my place in our new lives, but I felt that my own yoga practice functioned like a catalyst for me. That is when I decided to take a full-time Yoga Teacher Training.

From a young age I have been practising classical & contemporary ballet, so I have always had a lot of body awareness. Yet I had never truly experienced the connection between body & mind. Practising yoga allows me to work with my body to find the peace in my head, and grow as a person.

My unique blend of heart & head

Practicing yoga allows me to truly connect with my heart, and unconditionally embrace other people.  I combine this with my unique consulting background. I still love thinking in processes and solutions. I enjoy embarking people on their personal Yoga Journey. You will step into a personalised trajectory that feels good.

Are you excited to start your journey? Read more about what your program can look like here, or connect with me!


Austyn: "I've dabbled in yoga for years but have never experienced it like I do with Ruth. It is soul food! Ruth is able to manage my energy and tailor the class to exactly what I need. An intense and fast-paced class leaves me feeling strong and empowered whereas a slower, gentler class gives me curiosity and acceptance towards myself. I leave every time feeling centered. She is a gifted teacher and I'm hooked!"  

Marloes: "Ruth's studio is like a little oasis where you feel away from busy day to day life. After her lessons I always feel energised, relaxed & my mind is more focused."

Martina: "I have the pleasure to regularly see Ruth in her beautiful Yoga studio. Her classes and the wooden Yoga shed surrounded by greenery are truly soothing for me. Ruth is a beautiful person, who makes sure you find your inner balance and feel relaxed during her classes. I always leave with a calm mind, nicely stretched body and a smile on my face!"

Richelle: "Always wanted to learn how to let go - never could - Ruth is teaching me how. Love it!"

Renee: "Ruth has such a natural sense of what you need and when you need it even when you yourself are not aware. She has a great way of guiding you through each and every session in a warm, compassionate and encouraging way. I have found joy and a sense of freedom in the sessions I have had regularly over the past year. I love working with Ruth."


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E-RYT 200
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

I studied the fundamentals and obtained my Yoga Alliance Teacher Certificate in Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga with my strong Indian teacher, Rajeev from Dristhi Yoga in Shanghai

After moving to the Netherlands, my path crossed with my gifted teacher, Veda Ela.  She guided me to explore my Yin side, and now I wholeheartedly pass on the concept of Restorative Yoga and "Moving into Stillness". 



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