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Connect in..


Unconditionally love yourself.
Just the way you are right now.
No need to change. 


Be your own best friend. 

Connect with yourself to better connect with the other, maybe your Valentine.

Strengthen your heart.

     Qigong |  mindset  | meditation | breathing     

Qigong & breathing..  With ease bring your body into a coherent state.

Meditation..  Rest your mind, and feel your heart.

Meditation..  Connect with the love for your self.

Mindset..  What do you need? What do you want?


Online daily guidance   

~15 minutes per day

February 7 - February 14

participate at 69EU and receive all the support

reduced pricing if you are familiar with my way-of-working: 


* GreenPrana-tribe at 44EU

* Yo-krain-members at 11EU

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